The Tau Experiment

The Tau Experiment puts you in the shoes of Sam, a bright and young software engineer. During their time with The Tau Corporation, they have seemingly uncovered evidence that can cause major legal and ethical issues for the company. Not only that, they have discovered plans to build and use some kind of interdimensional portal that has the potential to cause world-wide chaos.

Main Objective

On one fateful morning, Sam received a phone call from their supervisor, warning them the company executives are aware of their snooping. As Sam attempts to leave, they are knocked unconscious. When Sam regains consciousness, they find themselves in an unfamiliar place without the crucial evidence.

Your job is to find the evidence again by working through 12 chapters of mind-bending puzzles, engaging narrative, and immersive storyline. The evidence must be made public!

The world is counting on you! Good luck!


The Tau Experiment was envisioned from the start to be a mix of RPG, adventure, and puzzle-solving. It also has elements of escape room games. We came up with the concept of The Tau Experiment after playing through Alien Isolation, Prey, Escape Simulator, The Stanley Parable, Portal, and SOMA. We started brainstorming ideas on what it would be like to combine elements of all those games into one. Thus, The Tau Experiment was born.

The game has the exploration of Alien Isolation, the adventure and action of Prey, the puzzle-solving of Escape Simulator, the branching paths of The Stanley Parable, and is similar in many ways to the plots of SOMA and Portal. By combining all these different features together, we have created an extremely unique style that has high replay value.


We’re always looking for innovative ways of doing things, and The Tau Experiment as our first game is our crowning achievement.

Released On

To Be Announced


Mistflux Games Ltd.


File Size

To Be Determined


Windows 10/11

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