In Development: Co-op Mode!

What is Co-op Mode?

In short, co-op mode will allow you to play through the main story with a friend or a special co-op chapter with up to 4 friends.

Are There Any Special Items for Co-op Mode?

Yes there are! Please note, this list is not exhaustive.

Main Story

  • Key: Allows you to unlock one door or a group of doors.
  • Key Card: Used to access high security areas (like the exit door at the end of a chapter).
  • Candle: Illuminates a small area around the player when lit.
  • Remote Camera: A camera that can be placed anywhere and viewed at the security station.
  • Security Station: A monitor that shows where the active cameras are and allows you to cycle through them.
  • Notes: Pieces of paper with hints, clues, or something that expands the story.
  • Computers: Allows you to view emails and access programs. Perhaps they will let you change something?

Co-op Mode

  • Master Key: Allows you to unlock any door.
  • Utility Key Card: Used to remotely access an electronic door lock.
  • Remote Control: A handheld device that allows the user to control something remotely whilst travelling around.
  • Computer Network: Requires someone at each station to perform an action at the same time.

When Can I Try This Out?

The co-op mode will be released after the game is released. We decided to start working on it now so that we can ensure the items available in the co-op chapter are balanced and scale appropriately from 2 to 4 players. We also need to ensure our level design is compatible with co-op story mode.

There will be playable story mode demo released at the end of January. More information on that in a later update!

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