A Letter from Our Developers

Dear The Tau Experiment Community,

Navigating the intricate landscape of game development inevitably involves facing challenges and embracing opportunities for improvement. Our journey with The Tau Experiment, while ambitious, has prompted us to re-evaluate and enhance our approach to ensure a truly exceptional gaming experience. We appreciate your unwavering support and want to share our genuine commitment to delivering a game that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

From its inception in early 2019, The Tau Experiment was conceived as a distinctive and enduring experience. Our vision extended beyond a singular playthrough, drawing inspiration from narrative-rich games like Until Dawn, Heavy Rain, and Detroit: Become Human. However, as we treaded the path of development, we recognised the need for a unique edge that sets us apart without compromising originality.

In the realm of MMORPGs, we draw parallels from the success story of World of Warcraft, which, inspired by EverQuest and Ultima Online, carved its niche by introducing innovative features. Blizzard Entertainment’s commitment to evolving the genre while retaining individuality propelled World of Warcraft to unparalleled success. It is this spirit of innovation and distinctiveness that we aim to recapture for The Tau Experiment.

Our game must return to its roots, avoiding the inadvertent pitfalls of mimicry that might compromise its identity. Over the years, incremental changes have veered us toward a direction that feels derivative, a situation we are determined to rectify. During the concept phase, we foresaw the need for a contingency plan to ensure the game’s integrity and uniqueness, and it is now time to implement that plan.

The New Direction

Whilst the core narrative of The Tau Experiment remains unchanged, we are revamping its mechanics to align with contemporary gaming expectations. Here’s a glimpse into the upcoming changes:

  • The story will unfold in a vast open world, eschewing segmented chapters.
  • Engage in quests and pursue objectives to experience a sense of meaningful progression.
  • Embrace character development as your protagonist levels up and gains new abilities.
  • Collaborate with fellow players to tackle challenges and quests, fostering a smaller-scale MMORPG ambiance.

These changes are designed to breathe new life into the game, adapting to the ever-evolving gaming landscape, whilst preserving the essence of The Tau Experiment. We are confident this shift in direction will not only revitalise the gaming experience, but also safeguard the success of the project.

In our pursuit of excellence, we plan to launch the game as Early Access once the majority of these enhancements have been meticulously fleshed out and thoroughly tested. While a specific date remains pending, rest assured we will keep you informed through timely announcements.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your steadfast support. The Mistflux Games team is dedicated to delivering a gaming masterpiece, and we look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you.


Mistflux Games Ltd.
Team Tau

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