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Welcome to instalment 1 of Dev Updates! This is where we take a look at what’s change, how close we are to Early Access and Playtesting, and more!

Our team has been hard at work over the weekend. Whilst I don’t have any new screenshots to share right now, we’re definitely going to show more off tomorrow! So, here’s what’s changed, what needs done, and how we feel about entering Early Access and Playtesting.

What’s Changed

  • The “real” main menu has been added!
  • Fonts were changed, allowing notes to be read more easily.
  • Acts 1 and 2 of Chapter 1 are done and awaiting internal testing.
  • Demo level lighting adjusted.
  • Demo level geometry fixed (there was a gap!)

What Needs Done

  • Acts 3-7 of Chapter 1.
  • Chapters 2-9.
  • Implement the actual real main menu.
  • Voice acting.
  • Character customisation.
  • Motion capture.

What About Early Access?

Right now, the game needs fleshed out more before we can think about Early Access. Many maps were completed, but not are not connected yet. We want to have something playable before considering opening up for Early Access. We’ll keep posting these regularly though!

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